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Legend – By Alexa Pronman

Alexa Pronman

My best friend read Legend for school and was dying to read the next book. Once she had read it, she begged me to read it.

At first glance, (and by that, I meat at the cover) Legend, by Marie Lu looks like another one of those dystopian romance/action books, somewhat like the Hunger Games. With the shiny silver background and bold rock looking symbol on the front, it screams: “DYSTOPIAN!” But it’s not your every day dystopian story.Image

In a dystopian setting, Los Angeles is the city, where a government called the Republic, rules. 

Day is a criminal, who steals to try and earn money, after failing his Trial, (a test given when you are ten) and escaping the labs in which they (the Republic) kill those who have failed their Trials. He’s been stealing for five years and three years before he picked up a girl named Tess, who joined him. His brother, John, is the only one who knows he’s alive, while his mother weeps of her son’s absence. When Day’s little brother, Eden, catches the Plague, a diseases going around the town, he is desperate to find the cure. Why? Because if you have the Plague, they kill you to avoid infecting others, however, you are able to purchase a cure if you have enough Republic Notes, (money) so Day goes to steal a cure in order to save his brother.

June is a prodigy, the only one to ever score 1500, (100%) on her Trial and so at fifteen, she is in university for people who are supposed to sixteen and up. She works for the Republic, is a troublemaker in school and was caught trying to get out. Her older brother, Metias, is very overprotective of her and doesn’t allow her to exit the school, in fear of her getting harmed, however his desire for her to remain safe is thrown out the window when he is murdered. June now has her genius mind set on a single goal: find whoever killed her brother, and make him pay.

Now where would these two very different people meet? More importantly, why? Easy. Day, who’s wanted poster flashes across the JumboTrons daily, is the prime suspect in Metias’ murder.

Dual narrated by Day and June, you get to know each character as though you’ve known them you’re entire life. This book is incredibly good, with action packed in every second, daps of romance here and there, mystery and twists at every turn. This is surely a book you won’t want to put down.

I’d recommend this to people who enjoy dystopian novels, exciting action, and the feeling liked you are the character you are reading about.

Legend is a book you won’t regret reading.